Dudley Property Surveys

At Dudley Chartered Surveyors, our surveyors are able to provide building surveys on all types of residential property for a variety of purposes across Dudley. Our Chartered Surveyor is regulated with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and takes pride in their accuracy, experience and proven track record. In particular, the practice focuses on assisting clients with building surveys and homebuyer reports with and without valuations.

Building Surveys

These were formerly known as

Structural Surveys

and are the most comprehensive type of non-invasive survey inspection of a house, home or other property you can have.  As a visitor to the property that is usually a building not owned by the client, the surveyor cannot cause damage to the property.  We can however examine a lot more than somebody viewing the property with an eye to purchasing the property.  Based on our training and experience in building construction, the survey will enable us to write a full survey report to advise the property purchaser.

Any property that is older than 1900 or is a period and/or listed structure is recommended to have a full building survey.

Home Purchaser Report

There are several variations on name of this kind of survey.  These include:

Homebuyers Report

House Purchase Survey

Major Defects Report

These are the most common kind of report carried out on properties typically built from 1900 onwards.  These are a survey inspection of all the easily accessible parts of the property which will include such areas as the roofspace.  For most more modern properties, this will be the most typical kind of home survey which will put a property purchasers’ mind at ease with a survey inspection and report being provided, often with a list of property defects and an indication of how important these would be to a typical property purchaser.

Other Survey Types

A number of other building surveys and property inspections can be carried out but involve confirmation with our Chartered surveyor.   These include:

Major Elements Surveys

Acquisition Advice Inspections

and several other variations.  It is recommended that you call us to discuss the most appropriate type of property survey or inspection that suits you as a client.

Why choose Dudley Surveyors for your Building Survey?

We always provide:

  • An independent expert survey, not biased by any external force.
  • A thorough, comprehensive service – not a rushed survey by your mortgage valuer.
  • A personal service from an approachable, qualified local based professional.
  • An experienced local Chartered Surveyor who can guide you through the property buying process.